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Want a well insured classic Corvette?

By  On November 14, 2009 | Filed Under Auto Reviews, Chevrolet

Want a well insured classic Corvette?

Insuring Your Classic Corvette The Chevrolet Corvette has since 1953 never been refuted for having been one of the most well engineered, sophisticated and well built cars that the world has ever seen and if you have one you should have the courage to protect it with your life. More realistically speaking you need to make sure if you own a Corvette is well protected from all kinds of danger because god help you if your car is badly damaged though some accident or carelessness or even if it is stolen, a big huge heap of money would very simply be set on fire. Insuring your classic Corvette is the best solution to this.   Insuring your classic Corvette cannot always be as easy as it seems. Because it is a classic car and also because it is costly and quite priceless as ...

Chevrolet Corvette No. 1.5 Million Rolls off the Line

Do you know the Chevrolet Corvette had attained another major milestone? Chevrolet Corvette which is one of the top icons of American autos, has made a milestone of 1.5 million units that’s been built. Corvette a white convertible coming with a red interior  is the same as the Corvette no.1 which was rolled out in 1953. It has been rolled out of the factory on May 28, from Bowling Green, Ky. it has taken a really long time to reach this milestone. In 1977 it produced 500000 units which is around 24 years after it started, then again 15 years to porudce 1 million in 1992 and another 17 years to reach 1.5 million mark milestone. And all the milestone cars come with the red interiors. For some promotions the Chevrolet No. 1.5 million will be kept at the National Corvette Museu...