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Swapping my Bike for a Car

By  On June 14, 2010 | Filed Under Auto Insurance Articles

Swapping my Bike for a Car

Not too long ago if you saw me travelling anywhere, it would be on my bike, but that is certainly not the case anymore. A few weeks ago, I got into a quite serious conversation with one of my friends about whether or not cars were better than bikes. The unusual part of this conversation, though, was that my friend, a car driver, was arguing the toss of the bike, whilst I was standing up for the worthy car! We came to the conclusion that it was ridiculous that we were in the wrong vehicles, and we actually agreed to swap! I was absolutely thrilled with this prospect. I had spent too much money on that bike for what it was worth. The only good value I got through it was my insurance policy through, everything else about it cost me a fortune! I was now the...

Informations About Cars And Motorbikes That The Common Man Should Know

Motorcycle riders are often endowed with an unfair reputation of being irresponsible drivers who are more prone to accidents. Although, statistics somewhat justifies this claim, some other studies tend to prove the contrary. It has been seen that, per 100 million miles covered by a car, 423.13 cars face accidents. This number is almost double when it comes to a motorbike. Here, 776.57 bikes meet with an accident when they have travelled 100 million miles. So, this proves that the chances of being involved in an accident for a car is nearly half in comparison to a motorcycle. Again, the rate of fatality in a car accident is 15.72 out of 100,000 registered passenger cars while this figure stands as high as 64.88 out of 100,000 registered motorbikes. So, it also proves that the rate...