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7 step procedure to get most out the coming 2010 E63 AMG
By | April 2nd, 2009

Volker Mornhinweg, who is AMG performance division chief at Mercedes-Benz, offers a seven step procedure to those who are looking to make the most of their new 2010 E63 AMG models. Depress brake pedal completely Shifting transmission to D Switching electric program for sport mode Switching to race-start mode with transmission Clicking upshift paddle Completely…

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Rated At 29 mpg Highway; 2010 Camaro Chevrolet
By | March 18th, 2009

New Camaro Chevrolet has won an EPA rating of 29 mpg on the highway taking over General Motor’s speculated rating. GM’S supposed rating was 27 mpg on the run. Comparatively Ford Mustangs and Dodge Challengers have been beaten by Camaro Chevrolet on fuel mileage grounds. Its estimated run is 60 mph which is remarkable. Details…

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