Smart’s ForTwo Convertible Has a Sturdy Top That Works Well

by  |  On May 25th, 2015  |  In Auto News

Smart has been testing out its third edition of its ForTwo compact car. This new edition is a convertible that has a top that is strong and can easily move up and down as required.

ForTwo-compact-carThe roof is designed with an electric system that moves it up and down. It features a cloth top that will be available in one of many colors. The rear window is also fixed on the vehicle, thus ensuring that there’s a seal at the back. The hood will move up and down quickly and will not let in any water while it is raining. The rear spoiler is also flexible while still adding a unique design feature while in use.


This will continue to use the same three-cylinder engine that older ForTwo models have been using in the past. A turbocharged version of the engine will be made available. A manual or automatic transmission will be made available as well.

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