Porsche Panamera Receives Universal Charger

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Porsche has always made sure that any model they manufacture is top notch, as well as they should, simply based on how expensive they are. Being a high luxury brand like Porsche comes with some expectations, it also requires that they be prepared for whatever twists and turns may be thrown their way. This includes being able to provide customers a feature that exceeds expectations for their all new hybrid model—the Panamera.

So w hat Porsche did was create a Universal Charger (AC) that will allow owners of the new Panamera hybrid plug-in the versatility to plug in just about anywhere. With this connection they will be provided 20 different variable cables that covers just about any known source of electricity socket or plug in currency. With the computer system designed for this new Porsche, it allows drivers to manage the charge rate, which also allows them to dictate the cost per hour of charging. Then again in most cases if you can afford a $100k vehicle, it is highly unlikely that you are worried about your kilowatts per hour. For more information on Porsche prices view porschetowson.com.


For anyone looking to purchase the brand new Panamera hybrid, they are provided any wall-mounted getting station—and always be build with an domestic electrical engineer to assist supply the docking station 240-volts for that only function of getting their brand new crossbreed auto. This might be Porsche’s initial genuine drive using this type of technological innovation, yet having just about everything they take action isn’t whatsoever touch halfway carried out. That they cause them to become going to release an item they are proud of, and provide their consumers all of the service help they might manage. This cost station which is often put in in a storage, allows owners to deal with this rate where the item prices to assist lessen the fee for you to cost. Jokingly most of us believe it is entertaining that many Posche owners would in fact pay attention what their power bill appears to be month to month. Nevertheless simply to make certain, this automaker has this particular starting insured also.

Their own brand new Panamera plug-in hybrid model has been introduced to the world about a month ago on the Shanghai Motor Show. The vehicle even with it being hybrid still will need to be able to keep up with the performance expected in a Porsche. With 416-hp and at best top speed of close to 170 mph, it’s tough to imagine, but you can learn a lot more from reading the official press release.

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