What to Do with That Old Clunker Rotting in Your Drive-Way

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In Utah, there are ways to get rid of that old, broken-down car. In about five minutes, you can have a quote from a private dealer, and get cash for the car you’re not using. It doesn’t matter what’s wrong with the broken car. It still has value! So, don’t turn it over to a junk yard until you’ve exasperated all your other options.

Private Buyers Want to Buy Your Junked Car

Look to private buyers that offer cash for clunkers in Utah, such as Car Sold for Cash, which specializes in buying cars that don’t run, or “need some TLC.” They’ll even pick your car up for free wherever it’s located, so you don’t have to worry about spending extra on towing services.

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Most appraisals can be given over the phone, and in as little as five minutes. You’ll need to provide the following information to the auto-buyer:

  • Make/model/year of your vehicle
  • The car’s mileage
  • Any accidents it’s been in, and the current damage (including cosmetic damage)
  • Title information, such as is the title clear

Determine Your Car’s Value

Before you call anyone, you should get a rough estimate of the vehicle’s worth. By knowing its worth, you’ll have more bargaining power.

Remember: Auto-buyers are looking to make a profit themselves, so what they pay may be less than your research. If it’s close to the amount you’ve researched, you’re getting a fair deal.

You can’t use Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds, or any similar sites to determine your junked car’s value. These sites aren’t intended to find the value of vehicles that don’t run, or that have been severely damaged. Your best bet is to reach out to an auto mechanic, and ask him what he thinks the vehicle is worth and what parts are the most valuable.

How to Negotiate a Good Price

Auto-buyers want to make a profit, but they’ll be willing to haggle their introductory offer. This is especially true if your cars’ in repairable condition because that means they can fix it up and sell it. eHow.com recommends looking to businesses that offer “Top dollar for junk cars.”

Junk yards aren’t the best place to sell your vehicle because they have a mark-up of nearly 300 percent. This means, they’ll offer you an extremely low amount, and then profit off your car’s scrap metal and salvageable parts. A private dealer has a different plan, and thus will offer you a fairer valuation.

Talk to the auto-buyer about the most valuable parts of your car. If you have a great engine, mention that. If the body is in amazing condition, mention that as well. Let them know you’ve done your research, and it’s highly likely they’ll offer you a fair price for your broken-down-car.

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