How To Select Tires For Motorcycles?

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Choosing the right set of tires for your motorcycle is extremely important for getting an efficient, safe and comfortable ride. This is one area where you should never compromise simply because there are too many factors to consider and if you compromise on just one, you might as well say goodbye to your motorcycle. Here are some simple questions to ask when selecting tires for your motorcycle.

How To Select Tires For Motorcycles

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1) What Type of Motorcycle are you Using?

The tires you buy should match your motorcycle and the purpose you use it for. There are different tires for each type of bike. So depending on whether you own a sports bike, a touring bike, a cruising bike or a track bike, you will need to buy different tires accordingly. These tires are made with materials and technology especially developed for the terrain, intensity and usage for each type of bike. Choosing the most suitable tires and best oem parts for your bike will ensure that they last longer, saving you time and expense in the long run.

2) What to Look for in each Type of Tire?

What to Look for in each Type of Tire

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Gain some background knowledge about the types of tires available on the market. For example, if you want tires for a racing bike, they should be durable on a racing track and capable of withstanding high acceleration and sharp turns. Similarly off-road tires are made with rim locks to ensure that the tire remains in control on rough terrains. Then, if you are buying cruising tires, you need to check them for grip quality since you might be using them on wet roads and on different kinds of surfaces.

3) What size do you need?

Several things go into determining the right size of tires for motorcycles. You need to think about, for instance, the speed rating, rim diameter, width, tire aspect ratio and tire construction. While calculating these measurements, it is also important to know the numbering system to make sense of these sizes. For example, you should ask the tire retailer if the measurements are given in the metric, alpha or low profile inch numbering systems.

4) Do you need tubeless tires?

Going for tubeless tires is the current preference among bikers but the older tubed tires are also very useful. No doubt, tubeless tires are safer than older tires because they have greater insulating capacity and can withstand high temperatures without getting damaged. They also stay fixed in their place for longer. However, they are more difficult to repair and susceptible to damage due to pressure changes within the tire.

5) Where should you buy from?

There are many online retailers as well as OEMs that you can buy motorcycle tires from. Therefore, a sound piece of advice is to shop around to find the best deal for your budget. Alternatively, you can consult your auto repair shop or a reliable mechanic for their advice. Also, when considering the price, make sure to look beyond the list price at other things such as warranties, guarantees, insurance and discounts.

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