Why Choose Electric Cars and Hybrids over Conventional Vehicles

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Day in and day out, we are entering in to a new era of revolution brought down by electric cars. These vehicles as well as hybrids have played a vital role for turning the tables down for the conventional combustion engine vehicles. The time might not be far when electric cars and hybrids will become an eminent part of our daily lives. The most important segment is that we need to acknowledge how these machines commit to action when operated.

Electric Cars

Image by Håkan Dahlström

Working Methodology

The main principle is that electrical vehicles use their drive motors to convert kinetic energy into electromagnetic energy. They work entirely on the backup of electricity generated via a rechargeable battery storage installed within the vehicle while, hybrids pragmatically use the combined package of a fuel engine along with the electric motor, targeting enhanced efficiency. As a matter of fact, the wheels are swirled using a motor that is previously connected to the preliminary battery storage which is accountable for supplying power in the first place. As mentioned earlier, the batteries are rechargeable and thus can be charged using an outer source or various other advanced techniques embedded within the vehicle. The battery not only supplies power to the engine but also formidably supports the absolute control system including lights, windows and vipers etc. Furthermore, the battery is assisted with a stabilizer to ensure that the motor receives constant current and voltage as a safety precaution.

Initially the main motive of the electric and hybrid vehicles was to be drastically more efficient than the conventionally comprised vehicles. Moreover, one of the main aspects they appear to cover so far is increased efficiency and decremented power losses. No wonder, an electric engine is way cleaner than a normal combustion engine. Accordingly, it tends to create less pollution too. On the other hand, HEV’s have the capability to be consumed either for higher power consumption or better fuel economy. Advancing further, the types of vehicles illustrated above are connected to similar branch of concept and likewise, meant to serve a same purpose.

Comprehensive Leading Features of EV’s and HEV’s

The most conspicuous prospect is the premium technology of Regenerative Breaking. It is approved to be the most intriguing feature of these machines. As in the early vehicle system, during the span of applying breaks a gigantic amount of kinetic energy is dissipated and transferred to heat via friction which amounts in an ambiguous energy loss to the vehicle. But, this technology has turned this chaos into glory as it allows the wasted energy to be turned into a reusable source of power. Succinctly saying, this method utilizes the forward momentum of wheels to rotate the motor which in turn slows down the vehicle as demonstrated by the First Law of Thermodynamics.

Another propelling feature is the automated start/stop engine in the hybrids. When the brakes are applied and vehicle lethargically ceases to halt, the fuel engine shuts down and pure battery power is conserved for the lights, air conditioner and other accessories that are undergoing process of operation. On the other hand, some hybrids tend to exhibit electrical power up to the accelerated speed of 40-60 kilometers per hour in order to conquer increased fuel efficiency.

Conclusive View

Hybrids and electric vehicles are divulged to be more bendable towards financial security. These machines have minimized the cost while, provided for the increment in overall power consumption efficiency. Furthermore, these vehicles are elegantly friendly to human milieu. Also, in the upcoming, recycling of battery for such vehicles shall be ubiquitously available. Consequently, this astonishing technology seems to have a garish future in the auto-mobile industry as further comprehensive research takes place.

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