The Future Of Cars Is Here Today

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen pressure from environmentalists to do something about the number of cars on our roads. Each year, the number of people who owns cars increase and roads are widened to compensate. More pollution floods into the atmosphere and we slowly continue to kill our planet. But those arguing that science hasn’t yet reached a point where we can solve the problem are wrong. The tech is there. It just hasn’t been fully embraced by the public or society as it should have been.

Hybrid Cars:

There has been an astounding level of controversy surrounding hybrid cars recently. Reports have emerged of popular car brands lying about the level of pollution producing hybrid engines has caused. Be that as it may the creation of the hybrid engine is still something to celebrate. These days if you have a hybrid car, you will be running on close to zero emissions. That’s great news for people who are worried that nothing is being done to help the environment. Although it does not solve the issue of fossil fuels running out. We’ll look at that a little further down.

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Electric Cars:

Of course, there is also the possibility of the electric car to consider. The electric car has come a long way in just a few short years. In the past, the late nineties, the electric car was something of a joke. No one took it seriously because there was no need to. Ultimately, it couldn’t go that far and couldn’t reach the speeds a vehicle needed to in the modern age. But lately, all that as changed. In fact, we’ve seen the first electric supercar introduced to the market. The public is starting to embrace the electric car as well. Now, you can even purchase CNG filling stations for your home driveway. So, if you want to fill up your car with electric, you just need to park it on your driveway for a few hours. This makes them a lot more practical. Of course, most electric cars have backup fuel engines. It stops them running out of power and stranding drivers. But it’s important to note that when it’s running on electric power, you are in a zero emissions vehicle. We bet you never thought you’d hear that ten years ago. Still the electric car isn’t the ultimate answer.

Alternate Energy:

The reason this is the case, is ultimately quite simple. If you’re using electricity there’s still fossil fuels in the process somewhere. What we need is a fuel resource that cancels that issue out completely. With that comes the introduction of the hydrogen fueled car. If you think this is a pipe dream of a distant future, think again. Hybrid cars are available to buy and own right now. The problem, of course, is fueling them. As of now, there are limited ways to fuel a hydrogen powered car. But at the same time, this could be the true vehicle of the future. Or perhaps, scientists will unlock the hypothetical potential of cold fusion and give us what we really need.

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