Top 6 Things to Consider When you are a First-time Car Buyer

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Buying your first car can be an exciting, but daunting experience. As well as the romance behind it, you have to really consider many logistical elements to it. Here we look at what we believe are the top 6:

First-time Car Buyer

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1) Choosing the Right Car:

Depending on your needs and budget, the car you choose could be a sporty number or a reliable car, more experienced on the road. However, be careful not to purchase a vehicle that already has more than a few thousand miles on the clock, especially if you are planning to use it extensively.

2) Purchasing the Right Insurance for You:

This is a tricky topic to tackle, especially if you’ve never had to purchase insurance before. Your head is probably full of questions, such as ‘How much insurance do I pay?’ or ‘Can you get car insurance quotes in advance?’

To get the best insurance for you, however, you must do your research. To keep your costs down, be sure to drive safely. Picking up points for speeding or for phoning whilst driving will send your premiums sky-high.

3) Getting your car MoT Tested:

Like insurance, a MoT Test is a legal requirement for vehicle owners. For a first-time car buyer, however, it can feel intimidating and you may even think that you are going to be ripped off.

It’s recommended that you do some checks on your car before it has its MoT, so as to know what to expect. As for where to go for the actual test itself, ask other car owners you know for any local recommendations.

4) The Price of Fuel:

It is crucially important to know what kind of fuel your car takes: unleaded or diesel.

As far as prices go, fuel is one of those things that will always be pricey. When buying your first car, therefore, you must gauge how good its fuel consumption is, as well as work out how much money a week/month you’ll be spending to fill it up.

5) Ensuring your Tyres are Road-worthy:

Despite not being one of the more exciting parts of buying a car, tyres are the only part that (should) keep contact with the road, so it is important for them to be in good condition. To go cheap on tyres could turn into an incredibly dangerous gamble.

It’s wise to check your tyre pressure regularly, ensuring they aren’t either flat or over-inflated. Experts say that you should get approximately 20,000 miles out of a good pair of front wheel tyres and approximately 40,000 for a pair of rear wheel tyres.

6) Getting your Car Serviced Regularly:

You should get your car serviced annually. Any more than that and it could be argued that you should be considering to trade your current vehicle in for another. Once more, the best place to get your car serviced may depend on recommendations from family and friends, so it’s best to ask around for somewhere where you can get good value for money.

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