Finding a Great Family Car

by  |  On September 30th, 2010  |  In Car Articles

Finding a decent family car is something that I struggle with every few years. Fashions change in car ownership, and the quality of vehicles from one manufacturer to the next seems to change so quickly that it is almost impossible to keep up. Ten years ago from now I would have always bought a French car because I had preconceived ideas abut their comfort levels, but I have to say that after owning a Citroen Xsara Picasso for the last three years, that thought has left me!

I always take advice from my brother in law when it comes to buying cars, and he said to me the other day that if I just make sure that I buy either German or Japanese engineered cars, I will be ok. I love sound and simple advice like that, and I decided to see what Toyota could offer.

I had a look online at a car site that I always use, which allows you to set your search criteria very specifically. I managed to find very quickly something that looked like it would suit us. A toyota verso which is somewhere between a normal family hatchback and a mid sized people carrier. It was approximately the same size as the Picasso that we had just got rid of, but the reviews online seemed to indicate that it was a good step up from the Citroen.

Three months down the line and I realise that I have made one of the best car choices of my life. The Toyota is superb, and it was a great price too!

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