Fiat Brand Promotes Fiat 500L with Urban Surf Party Series

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Right kind of promotion can lead to right kind of market response and therefore Fiat brand is focusing on better marketing of the new Fiat 500L which is their new five passenger hatchback. Fiat claims that the L stands for Large and therefore their hatchback is slightly larger than the conventional hatchbacks that buyers can find in the market. To promote their new hatchback Fiat brand is coming up with unique urban beach party series which they call Fiat 500L Urban Surf Party. The party series will happen across six major US cities and will mark the launch of the new Fiat 500L in North America.

Fiat brand believes that this is a better way to introduce the new car in the United States market and like their new car these parties will also have some innovative features. These party events will feature Silent DJ that will offer live music in a unique way that has never been tried before. This new feature will be provided by San Francisco based technology company that will offer individual headphones to the guests and the music will be streamed directly to individual headphones. Guests can increase and decrease the volume on their individual headphones as per their convenience without disturbing their partner or neighbors. The events will also have Day in the Life video series that will showcase local residents using Fiat 500L in their daily life.

New Fiat 500L

Fiat brand revealed that they will have six such party events starting on August 2 at Miami Beach. The second event will take place on August 15 in Santa Monica at Santa Monica Pier. The third party will take place on August 17 in San Diego at Wave House followed by fourth party event at August 24 and 25 in Chicago at World Paddle Challenge, North Avenue Beach. The fifth beach party will be held on September 29 San Francisco Ocean Beach and sixth and last party event on October 18 in New York at New York Surf Film Festival.

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