Cruze And Spark Are Hoped To Give GM A Global Boost

by  |  On March 10th, 2009  |  In Auto News, Chevrolet, General Motors

General Motors is all set to boost with its Chevrolet brand preparing two fuel efficient small cars in Europe, across the world, and home too by its U.S. concern. Both mini cars Cruze and Spark are the base for the boost plan.

The plan is that by 2015, GM will boost up the sales up to a million cars a year. Grand Rapids based auto analyst Erich Merkle proclaims these cars as the finest exemplar of quality with their highest fitness and finish and superb material.

Chevrolet sees Cruze to become its central models, to come out from Lordstown, Ohio. The fuel economy will be offered for minimum 40 m.p.g and extended passenger space. The Spark will reache 50 m.p.g and will be the first amongst the two to go for sales in Europe.

The key designs for Chevrolet’s global designs have features like a twin port grille, round taillights, interior embedding twin cockpit with front passengers wrapping around, and gold Chevrolet badge.

For many years, Chevrolet’s compact and small cars have been neglected and never been appreciated much. But this year Wayne Brannon, Europe President Chevrolet is positively hopeful to see profit.

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