The Next Generation Taurus to Move to Common Platform with F
By | July 13th, 2009

The 2010 Ford Taurus has launched its next generation model. The next Taurus is going to be a smaller vehicle than the current car.According to The Detroit News the next Taurus is going to be sharing the similar frame with Fusion and Mondeo. The combination of the Fusion ands Mondeo is going to be released…

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Ford Tops the List with the Sales Figures in the Month of Ju
By | July 4th, 2009

Ford has recorded an outstanding performance in the sales for this month and has clearly left its competitors at bay.The sales weren’t dramatically increased. But the good news is that in the market scenario where it fell by almost 27.7 percent, Ford has a fall of “just” 10.7 percent. Ford’s Fusion and Escape’s success are…

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Loans Approved for Ford, Nissan, Tesla for Electric Cars, En
By | June 24th, 2009

Fuel-efficient cars are the need of the hour and the U.S Energy Department has realized this and is ready to grant a loan of $8 billion for Ford Focus, a five-seat electric Nissan and Tesla’s Model S sedan. This is the government’s main step towards the promotion of more fuel-efficient vehicles. The first announcement of…

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Plans for the 2010 Mustang are Being Announced by the Ford R
By | June 14th, 2009

Ford has just announced that the brand new Mustang will join the Ford Racing. The name of the new brand is FR500CJ Cobra Jet. This racer comes with the high quality of Ford and it is built with the high quality of the latest and high quality fast-parts of Ford Racing catalog. One of the…

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Ford Overhauls Michigan Plant to Build New Focus
By | May 7th, 2009

The production of the new Ford Focus is the next big project for the Ford Motor Company. The company will spend close to $550 million in manufacturing, engineering and launching costs for this project which is set to start next year. This will also see the company’s Michigan Assembly plant being remodeled in readiness for…

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Next Generation Focus By Ford Coming In Lime Light
By | April 7th, 2009

The new next generation car by Ford i.e. Focus is following the footsteps of its predecessor Iosis MAX. It is said that most of Focus’ styling has the marks of Iosis MAX, and is called as ‘Next stage in the evolution of kinetic design’ by Ford. With the similar looking back lights installed in a…

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