Basic Car Maintenance Checklist

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Car owners and drivers understand the importance of maintaining vehicles. But between work, family, sports, and all the dozen things that keep us busy, basic car maintenance can easily get neglected.

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Proper upkeep, however, takes more than just ensuring your vehicle is smooth and shining from the outside. It covers a whole range of tasks that ensure your car is also well from the inside. These simple car maintenance tips will help you save the trouble on costly repairs and guarantee your vehicle performs better.

1. Always take your car for scheduled service

Like important occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, you should also treat your car’s scheduled car maintenance service as a sacred day. It’s when your vehicle’s key parts will be checked and replaced to ensure your car runs efficiently and safely. Usually, maintenance is done every 30,000 miles but you can check with your owner’s guide to find out. While scheduled service through your dealer may cost more, it will give you peace of mind knowing they have genuine parts as well as the expertise to take care of your car.

2. Check your air filter

The air filter works as your car’s lungs. When it’s clogged, it’s likely that your car’s mileage will be significantly reduced by as much as 14 percent, especially for older cars with carbureted engines. Replacing clogged air filters will then improve acceleration time.

3. Get an oil change

One of the simplest maintenance tasks you could do for your vehicle, an oil change will keep your car in good running condition. Neglecting it, on the other hand, will guarantee you an engine failure and void your warranty. Keeping your cooling system in good condition is also important.

4. Check your tyres

The tyres are practically your car’s workhorses, being your only contact on the road and the one carrying your load. Ensuring they are in good working condition will not only provide better performance, it also makes sure you and your passengers are safe on the road.

Be sure to check your tyre pressure regularly with a tyre gauge. This helps improve fuel efficiency, prevent wear and tear, and lets you know whether your tyres are properly aligned or not. If you determine that your tyres are already worn out, don’t hesitate to replace them immediately. Try a comparison site like TyreCompare if you need to find new tires.

5. Don’t forget to wash it

This may sound simple—and obvious—but washing your vehicle not only makes sure your car looks good, it also helps maintain that new-car finish. Remember, things like bird droppings and dirt aren’t only annoying, they can also strip away your car’s wax and eventually the paint if you don’t take the time to clean your vehicle. When washing your car, avoid using dishwashing detergents, hand soap, and other household cleaning agents as these can strip off wax. Instead, use products that are specifically for cars.

Taking care of your vehicle also helps take care of your wallet. So make sure to keep the following tips in mind to keep your car performing as smooth as it should be.

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