Is it Safe to Buy a Used Motorcycle?

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Motorcycles are fantastic creations. Whether you use yours for a Sunday ride or your daily commute; the right bike should put a smile on your face every time.

Buy a Used Motorcycle

Buy a Used Motorcycle

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Unfortunately, a new motorcycle is an expensive option; especially if you’re new to biking and need all the gear as well. That’s why it can seem like a great choice to shop around and choose a used motorcycle.

Where To Buy Used:

You’ll find plenty of classified ads for used motorcycles online and in bike magazines. However, a great place to find a good selection of bikes and get advice when buying is at a professional dealer. You can learn more here about one of Sydney’s best motorcycle shops.

Of course, you’re still left with the question of whether it is safe to buy a used motorcycle:

Dealer vs. Private

A private seller may be prepared to negotiate a little on the price but they will expect full payment in cash before you can ride away.

This can be an issue as you’ll have only had a limited time to test it and very little comeback once the sale is completed.

In contrast, a dealer will probably be prepared to give you finance; even on a used motorcycle. They are also likely to provide you with a limited warranty for your bike.

Crash Damage:

Crash Damage

Image by Pexels

A dealer will inform you of any known history regarding a motorcycle. A private seller should also inform you but they may choose not to. That’s why it’s essential to carefully inspect the bike before committing to buy. This will allow you to see any potential issues and verify that the numbers on the bike match those on the documents.

You should also be able to see that the bike has been well cared for; this should provide some confidence that they are selling for genuine reasons and not because the bike is on its last legs.

Inspection Time:

When you inspect the motorcycle it must be cold; then you’ll be able to assess its ability to start up and the condition of the engine. A rough starter or noisy engine may not be obvious if the bike is warm. Insist on it being cold for your own benefit.

Buying Used:

A dealer has a vested interest in keeping you happy. They want your repeat business and that of your friends. This makes them a pretty safe bet when looking for a used motorcycle. The bike they supply you with should be checked and safe.

Unfortunately, a private seller is out for as much money as possible; probably to fund their next motorcycle purchase.

While most private sellers are selling genuine bikes it is important to understand that they are at your own risk. You need to be able to assess the bike thoroughly or have someone do it for you. This will help to ensure you’re buying a motorcycle that will be reliable and safe.

Simply remember, if in doubt walk away, there are plenty of other bikes for sale.

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