8 Tips To Keep Your Car In Top Condition

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Like most other things, your car needs your care and attention to stay in top working condition. A mere wash would not be enough. There are other steps you need to take to increase your car’s life. You should stick to a maintenance schedule and take your car to a mechanic at least once every two months for a general checkup. Whether your car is new or old, here are some useful tips that will increase its lifespan.

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Check The Engine

The engine is essentially the heart of your car, which produces power and coordinates with other components to set your car into motion. The engine can accumulate grease and carbon over time, so I recommend you use a good engine degreaser. In addition, you should check your engine oil regularly. Get an accurate dipstick reading by parking your car on an even surface. If you identify any leak or semi-dark colored fluid, take your car to the mechanic.

Check Your Battery

This is especially important in automatic transmission cars because they will not get up to power with a push. So, never ignore the low battery sign and get it checked with a mechanic. Also, regularly clean your battery terminals with a brush to remove any carbon buildup.

Check Car Tires

Inspecting the tires for cracks, bubbles, bulges, and damage should be a part of your regular maintenance. The best way to see if your tires are good enough to tackle the toughness of roads is to check tread depth. There are multiple ways you can do that; the most common ones include the penny test, the quarter test, and the tread wear indicator. For a safe and comfortable drive off the road, your vehicle must have all terrain tires and rims.

Give It A Wash

Try to wash your car at least twice a week, yourself because no one can love your car the way you do, right? Use a high-quality car shampoo and wax for the exterior. Do not wash your car under direct sunlight, as the shampoo and water can dry onto the paintwork, causing water spots. Also, hose out the suspension and the axel. Use, a microfiber cloth to dry the car. For the interior, you can use a portable vacuum to suck out the dust. Clean the floor mats by mixing laundry soap or baking soda with water.

Check The Exhaust System

Your car’s exhaust system is vulnerable to rust, and you should regularly check its components to see if they need replacing. You can get the idea if your exhaust system is working fine or not by listening to it when driving. I advise you to put a new exhaust system rather than repairing parts of it.

Change Your Spark Plugs

Spark plugs fit into your engine, where they cause sparks to ignite the fuel. In essence, if you want to improve your engine’s efficiency, you would want the spark plugs to be working efficiently. They usually last for around 30,000 miles, after which you might need to replace them.

Inspect Serpentine Belt

Often ignored, the serpentine belt is a snake-like winding belt that joins various components of your vehicle together. These include the power steering pump, alternator and in some cases, the radiator fan. If it malfunctions, you put your car at risk of massive internal damage. I recommend you get it checked after every 50,000 miles.

Check The Braking System

Movies have scenes of people dying all the time because of faulty brakes and it is true. Your car’s braking system is vital for your safety and the others around you. The easiest thing to do is to see the reading and quality for your brake fluid. If the oil is a tad dark, it means you need to change it at your earliest. In addition, you should consider changing the front and rear brake pads and rotors after every 10,000 miles.

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