Audi Five-Cylinder Engine Becomes 40 Years Old

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Forty years ago, the German automaker introduced the first Audi five-cylinder engine, which was quite surprising, as typically the engines used to have even number of cylinders. With time, the Audi’s five-cylinder engines improved and proved to be so successful and popular that they are still being produced by the automaker.

Audi five-cylinder engines

The Audi five-cylinder engine was initially launched in 1976 and was planted in the Audi 100 (C2). The engineers were in constant discussion whether to create a five-cylinder or a six-cylinder engine, but the latter was discarded as it would take up more space and cause technical difficulties when it comes to weight distribution. The 2.1 liter five-cylinder mill used in Audi 100 was good for 136 horsepower.

Three years later, the first turbo-charged five-cylinder was built for the Audi 200 5T capable of producing 170 horsepower and 265 Nm (195.45 lb-ft) of torque.

Since past forty years, Audi has constantly improved its five-cylinder powerplant’s range by introducing fuel injection, four-valve heads, turbochargers and also diesel variants. This has helped the automaker conquer various racing events including Nürburgring.

As of today, the Audi five-cylinder engine used in the latest TT RS pumps out up to 400 horsepower and is regarded as one of the best power plants built by the automaker. The first Audi with a-five cylinder engine can be seen at the Audi Forum in Neckarsulm till November 6.

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